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Xi Jinping visits Saudi Arabia

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to visit Saudi Arabia next week, where they plan to give him a gala reception in stark contrast to the welcome given to US leader Joe Biden in June, The Gaurdian reported.

The US president’s low-key welcome to the Saudi kingdom reflects strained relations between the two countries and personal animosity between Biden and Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader Mohammed bin Salman.

While Xi Jinping will receive a warm welcome meant to bolster ties between Beijing and Riyadh and China’s image as an ally of Saudi Arabia as relations with Washington continue to drift.

Xi was first invited to Riyadh in March. His visit is probably the biggest to the kingdom since former President Donald Trump arrived in May 2017, where he was greeted with silver swords, extravagant gifts and an invitation from Saudi and Arab royalty.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Chinese officials are planning a possible Xi Jinping trip to Southeast Asia in November, which could be the leader’s first overseas trip since the Covid-19 pandemic and include a meeting. with US President Joe Biden.

Biden’s team has long been seeking and has yet to confirm a face-to-face meeting between the two leaders to ease tensions as the two countries bicker over Taiwan, trade and a host of other issues. The White House continues to work on it and Biden remains open to personal visits, including on the sidelines of November’s G-20 meeting in Indonesia, the newspaper said, citing a source.