Zappacosta and Kenedy return to Chelsea after loan assignments

There is a knock at the bottom. Who can it be at this hour? Who knocks again? Can’t they just text ?!

You get up with a breath, grab a personal safety device of your choice because you never know these days, and walk to the door. When you take a look you can see two frail and likeable guys waving with gusto. I suppose we know them?

You open the door and try to look imposing. Which [FUN] are you two and what do you want? “But daddy!” shouts the smaller one. “You said we could always come home,” adds the other. “We are back!” And he opens his arms wide. Uh, hugs.

It turns out they haven’t changed at all. Davide went to Rome, got injured, played a bit in the Restart, and then was sent off without his option to buy being clawed back. Kenedy went to Getafe, played a bit (27 appearances but less than 1,000 minutes in total), and then got kicked out anyway. It actually happened over a month ago, but he took the scenic route until that mention.

Either way, Davide Zappacosta, 28, and Kenedy, 24 are back with Chelsea (in spirit if not in body), and without a squad for next season. They have two years of contract left.

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